Monday, May 23, 2005

A Fillibuster-Breaking Deal?

According to Fox News, there is a deal, to eliminate the possibility of triggering the Constitutional Option in the debate over Appellate Court nominees. The 6 Republicans who compromised have agreed to throw Henry Saad and Bill Myers overboard in exchange for a promise that the Democrats will not fillibuster other Appellate or Supreme Court nominees, except under "extreme circumstances." Republicans will procede with the Constitutional Option if Democrats go back on their word.

OK. 3 points:

  1. Saad and Myers deserve votes. Period.
  2. If Republican appointees are not Marxists, they will be considered extreme and will be fillibustered.
  3. Republicans will not procede with the Constitutional Option  if  when the Democrats go back on their word. The fact that this quite half-baked opposition plan has been handled with kid gloves for the past 4 years makes it clear that Republicans have neither the will nor the aptitude to take initiative and stand up for anything.
Anyone who will let a weaker party twist his or her will is not in control. The Republicans have demonstrated that they do not know what it means to be in control, even with a sizeable majority. They do not want to govern and the Democrats, whether they win elections or not, will win the day on the most important reforms of our Central government.