Thursday, March 17, 2005

Same Tired Old Talking Points

If you've listened to a talk show of any kind today, you've heard the clips from the MoveOn Rally yesterday. Since I haven't found full transcripts yet, I'll just sum up the argument made:
Bush isn't satisfied with 95% of his nominees: he wants 100% and a rubber stamp Congress. He wants to turn the U.S. into a Banana Republic.
I think Bush would be satisfied with a vote on his nominees. What the Democrats are doing is preventing a vote on some of Bush's nominees. How stupid does Diane Feinstein think we are?
These judges are far right wing whacko Nazi KKK dictators and want to destroy the universe. We can't let that happen.
Leftists wouldn't admit it, but they do have a system of morality. It means literally everything to them. They are no different from the silly Christian Reconstructionists they love to hate.

Progressives' "enlightened" moral philosophy is supported by two pillars: (1) human progress is possible; and (2) human progress is only available by way of Leftist ideology. This requires a strong judicial system that can impose its will on legislative powers, executive powers, and the people. Without it, they are lost.

The safest thing we can do is preserve Constitutional government, even though it does not always stop Bad Things (TM) from happening in the short term. Bush's nominees want to preserve (and in many cases, restore) Constitutional government. This removes the Leftist's primary means of implementing his philosophy in society and is the real reason for stopping Bush nominees at all costs.