Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Andrew Heyward is apologizing...to the wrong guy

According to NewsMax, President of CBS News Andrew Heyward has apologized to the White House for the Rathergate scandal and promised that CBS News would be "fair and balanced" in the future. This is wrong on many levels.

First, if they will be "fair and balanced" in the future, is this not an admission of being unfair in the past? The NewsMax story says that Heyward denied any bias in the past against the President.

Second, why is Andrew Heyward apologizing to the President? CBS News did not lie to the President. CBS News lied to us. Heyward should direct his apologies to the public, as well as his promises of "fair and balanced" reportage in the future.

Third, why is Andrew Heyward mending fences with the White House? We've always been told that it's not ethical for journalists to have anything even approaching a cordial relationship with politicians. It clouds their journalistic integrity. I have two guesses as to the purpose of this attempt to "repair a poor relationship" with the White House:

  • Andrew Heyward actually believes all the silly propaganda about the fascist Nazis in the White House "chilling" free speech and is worried that he'll be sent to a gulag. Or...

  • This is an attempt to win sympathy by making CBS News look like an oppressed supplicant, bowing and scraping before the President.

I think it may be the latter.