Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Whence the hysteria over Rumsfeld?

I should remain calm--my acid reflux is bothering me again. Why is it that there is so much hysteria over Donald Rumsfeld? Why is there so much hysteria over the war? It's heart wrenching that some of our best men and women are dying. But that's the nature of war. That's the nature of the world in which we live.

A mass delusion that the war is going poorly seems to have taken hold and it makes me want to scream at the TV and/or radio. But that's old me. That's the pre-Placid me.

Blog superstar Powerline has published this piece on Andrew Sullivan's opposition to Secretary Rumsfeld.

The questions raised are worthy. Why is it that the opponents of this Administration (and a few who are not necessarily opposed to the Administration) are absolute perfectionists? Why do they demand so much from our leadership? Is it, as Deacon suggests, because they are spoiled baby boomers? Perhaps. I have another idea though.

A great many seem to hold the view that government in particular (and the world in general) is either perfect or can be made perfect. It's one reason I agree with Leftists that the term "Progressive" is more apt than "Liberal." Their worldview is firmly based on the premise that Mankind is perfectable on this earth by human effort.

The Christian worldview is that both mankind and the universe in which he lives are cursed and marred by sin; and that this state of imperfection will continue until the universe is destroyed and replaced with a glorified and perfect universe.

Now, there are some on the Right who believe that Man can become better than he is. And, given a proper definition of "better," I might agree. But there seems to be a correlation between the Left's rejection of Christianity and exaltation of Man on the one hand and their constant complaining about the evil of right-wing politics on the other.

They simply cannot accept that man is neither perfect nor perfectable. And because of natural partisan spirit, they cannot accept that their own side has flaws. Or they believe that their own team is at least making a reasonable effort and carrying us along the path that will result in perfection.

Either way, it's just another bedrock philosophical difference that places most of us on one side or the other. And that's actually comforting. I don't feel as much like screaming now. Yes, I think this blog will help me conquer my chronic anxiety after all. Good night!